Welcome to The Fellowship in The Beloved…

If you have found this page, you probably love God or can feel His Love pressing towards you. That is Fellowship. It is a relationship of Love. Our Father, The Lord, Loves us with a strength and tenderness that is difficult to fathom with our mortal hearts. When I chose the name for the site, I used the word Fellowship “in” The Beloved rather than “with”, because my heart was moved by my own experience of the unfathomable closeness of the pressing of This Love upon and into my own heart.

Love comes in to be beheld and Known. The relationship with God is so close to us that our experience and our lives walk “in” His Love. This relationship with God is most sweetly and generously one that is in Love.

Fellowship is possibly one of my favorite words. My own heart longs for it. It is a something that we all need. Are we born needing relationships? Fellowship is about our relational condition, companionship, belonging and so much more in the context of our world.

Christian Fellowship is special because it gathers around and in the name of a common relationship with Jesus Christ. Believers first have a relationship with God and then with one another. Activities and all else comes from those relationships. Fellowship was encouraged in The New Testament in Acts 2:24.

The Concepts of Christian Fellowship are well written about in this article by Bible Org. Concepts of Christian Fellowship in The New Testament

A community can be defined as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. It indicates a group of people that shared a particular locale but in our times, communities are spread across the globe.

Arms and hearts need to reach to one another in new ways in relationships. This is why this page is called a “community” of Fellowship. Fellowship in Christ can be ignited in our Hearts through prayer, relationships, communication, linking and igniting Faith in one another by The Power of The Holy Spirit and The Love of God, The Holy Beloved.

There is one mission for this Page, each link, and each posting. We are joined together by a common heritage. We have all been created by an unfathomable loving and eternal God. This miraculous God, named his son, The Beloved Jesus Christ, Lord of All to sacrifice for us at The Cross so that we could be redeemed. By the Power of His Holy Spirit, we arise in love to that invitation to Faith and come into a relationship with Him. We come into Fellowship with Our Lord.

That Fellowship creates an unbreakable everlasting bond with God and with one another. We are here to proclaim that faith and to encourage support proclaim enjoy delight revel strengthen assist reach enrich empower devote dedicate harken
and join together in a community of hearts that delight in living and walking in The The Spirit of The Kingdom of God.

who am I?

…I am you, a heart of clay carved out by The Lord purposed for Him, named by Him from the womb and called from before I was born…