Can We Join Together in Prayer as One Community?

mountain path uphill to the sky at sunset

We live in many different places, have different backgrounds, lives, and stories to tell. Our cultures have shaped the way that we see the world. The way that our hearts were held when we were young may have curved our views of how God holds us in His own even now. We are though equally rich in His Grace and Mercy as He hears us when we Pray. God, The Almighty is faithful to those that call upon Him in Prayer and when we join together to call upon Him with our own faith and trust in His eternal Promises to us, it is a powerful act. It is the most meaningful thing that we can do with our hearts other than to love.

Prayer is an act of Love because it turns to the One that has Loved us first, more than we could ever fathom with our mortal hearts and minds and then- gazes back, Prayer sets the eyes of our hearts upon The One of such Mercy and worships, praises with gratitude, bows with the humility of one who is fully seen and known, bears the grit of repentance, is lifted to the awe of Christ at the altar at the seat of The Throne, brings all request for intercession to our King and with a worship that is filled with a desire only for His will, His Glory, we and our heart are left limp except for the might of a Love that is so deep that one can only whisper, In Jesus Name, Amen.

He hears us all. We can bring our prayers to a God together.
Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”